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Layout Options for Individuals using our EZMail Mailing Service. There are many style options, graphics, marketing content, and ways to display your contact information. This page will help you decide what you want your layout to look like. Once you choose your card set and place your order our design team will customize your template based on your preferences from the options shown below.  A. Color Bar or White You can have your branding colors along the top margin of the card back or leave it white. 1 Agent Color Bar Options B. Changing Calls to Action or 1 Consistent Marketing Message. You can have an industry specific marketing message that we write and that changes every month, or a custom marketing message you write that stays the same. 1 Agent Call To Action Options C. Right Side Focus: Referrals, Website Promotion, Social Media, Listings Wanted This part of the card can contain either a call for referrals, website button, social media links, QR Code, or a listings wanted graphic. 1 Agent Right Side Focus Options D. Designation Icons and logos E. Front Tab Information Your photo, name, title or slogan, and phone number go in this area of your chosen campaign. 1 Agent Front Samples
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