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Why Sendsations?
1.   Sendsations postcard campaigns get results.
Over 85% of our customers renew their 12-month campaign every single year. The reason they renew is that we get the job done every month, and the postcards help our customers generate more listings, sales, and referrals.
2.   Sendsations is experienced and dependable.
We’ve been helping REALTORS® and loan officers build their businesses for over 30 years. We’re not the new kids on the block but are pioneers of real estate direct mail. We are also the creators of the Real Estate Recipe card concept, Home and Garden Tips, Green Living Tips, and dozens of other successful drip marketing campaigns.
3.   Postcards are viewed as the new personal.
Impersonal emails rarely reach their target and get filtered away as spam, whereas our tangible postcards always get into the hands of the contact. In addition, because of their rich content, they are viewed as items of value.
4.   We understand your customer and farming prospects.
Our monthly postcards promote you as someone who cares about your customers and their interests and that you are not just making a sale or getting a referral. Every month you send them something they will enjoy without seeming pushy creating customer loyalty in the process, even from a geographical farm.
5.   Your mailings are consistent.
Our cards are sold in 12-month sets because NAR stats show that mailing 12 times per year is almost three times as effective as mailing only eight times or less per year. We make sure your marketing goes out consistently.
6.   Your mailings are automated.
We make sure they go out on time every month which helps top producing agents focus on their day-to-day business and not their monthly marketing piece. Plus, our free and easy-to-use online list manager makes editing your list a snap.
7.   Sendsations cards have the best content.
We have over 100 full-year postcards sets available. Simply choose the set that matches your personality and the interests of your audience. You don’t have to create content, buy stock photos, and wonder what to send out next month.
8.   Our postcards are of the highest quality.
All of our cards are printed on sturdy American made 14-point card stock that is milled from renewable forests. We also apply a high-gloss UV coating to every card at no extra cost.
9.   We will get to know you and your business.
You have a real personal account manager and support staff to help with your marketing needs and an experienced graphic design team to create your layout and branding. When you call, a real person will pick up the phone. (8 a.m. – 5 p.m. M-F MST)
10. Sendsations post cards are the best value.
Shop Around! Our clients tell us after shopping around that we offer the best postcards with the friendliest service at the most affordable price.
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