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"Last year, 43 out of 49 closings were from people who receive my Calendar Cards every month. I know that no matter how good a job you do, people may not remember you if you don’t regularly remind them who you are. And the biggest way that I remind them is with my Calendar Cards. Once you’re a client of mine, you become a member of my Sendsations list. Over 80% of my business is repeat and referral clientele. I love my automatic mailings! The EZMail Service gets my calendar in their mailbox every single month, and they see my smiling face on their refrigerator. My clients obviously love them because they keep them on their refrigerators. Even other agents tell me, “Hey Brian, every single time that I go into one of your listings I see your darn smiling face on the refrigerator with the calendar. Clearly it works."

Brian Kassis, ABR, GRI
RE/MAX Central, Sacramento, CA
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"I started using Sendsations for my Farm Area about five years ago after trying many other inferior cards. Now my clients are waiting to see what my next recipe “sensation” is going to be. My very first listing using the cards was attributed to a great Apple Pie recipe that the client loved! I average a total of 5 extra listings per year just in my farm from using the Recipe for Success cards which puts an extra $35,000 in my pocket. This is a great marketing investment that really gives great consistent results!"

Cindy L. Marsh Tichy
Weichert REALTORS, Parsippany, NJ
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"I believe in working smarter, not harder. So I send my Recipes for Success postcards to my list every month. Now people I’ve never even met in my geographical farm call and talk to me as if they already know me. Of course, my past clients and their referrals make up the majority of my business, but for less than $400 a month, people who would never have called me otherwise are adding an extra $30,000 to my annual income. And speaking of working smarter, Sendsations does all the work of addressing and mailing-and they do it on time every time for less than I can do it myself!"

Debbie Quimby
RE/MAX of Rochester, Rochester, MN
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"The reality in today’s real estate market is that we can’t afford to miss a single mailing. We recently got a call from a couple we’d met with over a year before and had added to our mailing list. They said they would have forgotten us if it hadn’t been for our postcards. We spent less than 50¢ a month to contact them, including postage, and now we’re going to make several thousand on their listing. With Sendsations’ EZMail service, our cards go out on time every month, generating listings, sales, and referrals. And they do it for less than we can do it ourselves!"

John & Sarah Mamo, Broker-Associate, GRI
Keller Williams Realty Elite Partners, Spring Hill, FL
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“Sendsations has been invaluable to my business. These postcards have allowed me to automate my 33 touch. I have had numerous calls regarding the Recipes for Success and Green Living Tip postcards that have resulted in many transactions. I am a customer for life!”

Jodie Osofsky, Realtor & Productivity Coach
Equity Real Estate, Sandy, UT
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"I just wanted to thank you and Sendsations for all your help with my new career as a RE/MAX agent. I have secured at least one new listing every month directly from your mailings. The more listings I have, the more calls I receive that turn into sales. This is a great way to get my name out and improve business. With your help I am quickly rising to become one of our top producing agents in my first year."

Wayne Vucovich
RE/MAX Edge, Spotsylvania, VA
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"I have been in the real estate business for the past 23 years. I have tried various different ways to stay in touch with past clients, family, and friends but for over 10 years Sendsation’s Recipes for Success & EZ Mail service has proven to be the best way. I get positive comments all the time from my past clients who receive my recipe cards every month. It’s a great cost effective way to stay in touch, keeping my name & face in front of them, and giving them something of value that they will keep."

Steve Norford, REALTOR
RE/MAX 1st Advantage, Mechanicsburg, PA
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"I have used the recipe cards from Sendsations for so many years I can’t even count! I have had clients that have called me for a listing who I worked with more than 15 years ago because they still get the recipe cards. Keeping in touch with past clients is easy with this program and I feel sure that my investment has paid off!"

Century 21 Champion Real Estate, Jacksonville, North Carolina
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"How do you effectively get your face out there without being thrown away with the junk mail? Recipe Cards, and they have been a great success! Homeowners save the recipe cards...and tell me they can’t wait for the next one. I’ve received e-mails and calls from people thanking me for them and most importantly promise to call me when they plan to sell. The cards definitely pay for themselves through listings and purchases from my well-fed recipients!"

Heather Joyes, Associate
RE/MAX Real Estate, Spruce Grove, Alberta Canada
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"Over 45% of the business we do is from our “have-met” database, and the Recipes for Success postcards are the heart and soul of our marketing to that database. These cards are a great way to reconnect with people I don’t talk to on a regular basis. In fact, I just sold a $350,000 home for a guy I had put in my database when he sold me a car in 1994. Since then, I’d forgotten about him and bought 4 cars from other salespeople. But he had dozens of cards from me, and I was on the top of his mind when it was time for him to sell his home. Sendsations’ EZMail service has really paid off for us. Now we never miss a mailing, and they do it cheaper than we can do it ourselves! Best of all, our prospects can’t help but think of us when it’s time to move."

Bruce Hardie, Broker
Keller Williams Realty, Spokane, WA
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"I just wanted to congratulate you on the great service you provide with the monthly recipe cards. I’ve had great response from my clients especially the past year since I started using your EZMail Service. This saves me time and keeps me consistently in touch with my database. I’ve had several repeat sales from former clients directly attributed to my marketing from Sendsations."

Terry Roccaforte, REALTOR
RE/MAX First, Baton Rouge, LA
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"Sendsations helps me stay in "top of mind position!" I get 92% of my business from my past clients, center of influence, and referrals. I constantly run into people who can’t remember the name of their last real estate agent. With Recipes for Success and EZMail, I have 1,000 people who have my name on the tip of their tongues whenever the subject of real estate comes up! Thanks Sendsations!"

Jean Tanner, Broker, CRS
Summit Realty, Orem, UT
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"I started using Sendsations last year and I am happy to say that I have had great success. I received a call from a homeowner that came directly from one of my Sendsations postcards. She said that she needed to sell her current house and then purchase a townhouse. I ended up making $21,300 from the sale of her house and $9,100 from the townhouse purchase for a total of $30,400 in commissions. Needless to say, my return on investment from the Sendsations cards was excellent! This year I decided to send the larger jumbo cards for even greater impact! I am extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the Sendsations card mailing system and would highly recommend the use of this service!"

Bud Boulineaux, REALTOR
RE/MAX Premier, Fairfax, VA
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"I have been selling real estate in Albuquerque NM for over 26 years and have been using Sendsations calendars as a marketing tool for most of my career. I directly attribute my success to sending out my monthly calendars. They have been a source of business in both fast times and slow times and I can testify that without them I really don’t think I would still be in business. Sendsations has the quality and professionalism I expect. I know I will continue to use Sendsations calendars for as long as I stay in real estate."

Randy Holman, Owner/Broker
Eagle Realty, Inc., Albuquerque, NM
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"Just a quick note to say how great Sendsations recipe cards have been. I received two listings in the first six months I used them and people already recognize me as the “recipe lady”. The recipes were even well received by people who didn’t want typical cool is that! I use them everywhere I go and people love them. They will remain part of my regular contact program as long as I’m in real estate!"

Kelly Brown, REALTOR
Royal LePage Downtown Realty, Vernon, BC
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"Sendsations is the easiest, most cost-effective tool I have ever used to keep in front of both clients and prospects. They help me present a professional, helpful image that gets noticed!"

Kim Stanley, Broker/Sales
RE/MAX Boone Realty, Columbia, Missouri
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"Once upon a time, I started with Sendsations monthly cards, then seasonal cards, then more monthly cards and now it’s thousands and thousands of cards later. These cards made me many thousands of dollars. Past clients actually call and ask when their monthly calendar is coming. Best of all, the day the card arrives it’s almost guaranteed that someone will call asking for real estate advice or to give me a referral. It’s the easiest way to stay in touch with past clients and customers and generate business. Having my photo on the front and back of the mailer definitely reinforces who sent the card, especially now that so many other agents in our company are using Sendsations for their monthly mailings too. Thank you Sendsations for helping to make my real estate business live and prosper happily ever after!"

Lisa D.G. Rosenblatt, Associate Broker
Century 21 American Homes, East Meadow, NY
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"I have had my license since 1976 and have lived in a senior mobile home park for the last 20 years. Knowing my neighbors and loving where I lived seemed a perfect farm for me, so I signed up with Sendsations. It was the smartest marketing plan I could have done. I am now the top agent in the park. I know when the cards go out, I will get calls. I was at an open house and one of the neighbors stopped by to meet me. He said he wanted to meet “Judy Cunningham” and proceeded to tell me how much he enjoyed getting the cards. When I am introduced to someone, it's often as "you know Judy, she is our real estate agent, the one who sends you the cards." I have nothing but positive to say about Sendsations. "

Judy Cunningham, REALTOR
Realty One Group, Torrance, CA
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"Thanks for the wonderful service. My customers love the healthy recipe cards! I have got 5 listing referrals this past year. I recommend this contact service to all REALTORS."

Brenda Slack, REALTOR
RE/MAX Professionals, Lanham, MD 20707
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"I recently mailed my Recipes for Success postcards to a subdivision where I had done no marketing and no one knew me. It gave me instant rapport with homeowners there and quickly generated 5 transactions! The EZMail service gets my cards in their hands month after month and costs me much less than having my assistant do it. I’ve been a top producer for 19 years, and I used to spend ten times as much money on advertising as I do now. But these cards with my full-color photo on both sides are so much more powerful than any other advertising that they’re all I use to market myself. I’m making more money than ever and keeping more for myself!"

Jackie Allen, Broker
United Realty Group, Delray Beach, FL
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"This is my 3rd year into my postcard campaign and I couldn’t be happier. I have had many referrals from my sphere that I directly link to the cards. Just last week I closed on a home representing a buyer that was referred to me from a past client. The client that referred me had given the buyer one of the calendar cards I had mailed him and told him to get in touch with me, and the buyer showed up with the card in hand! When I thanked my client for the referral he said the postcard had just arrived and it reminded him to send them my way. The cost of the cards is minimal compared to the returns I continue to receive. There is no better option available! The total cost for the card with printing and postage was around 60¢ and the commission on that closing was $5,210.00. The total costs of the postcard campaign for mailing to my entire database for a year was less than half of this one commission."

Jeremiah Bouley, REALTOR
RE/MAX Associates Plus, Maple Grove, MN
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"The way these cards project me and my image as a REALTOR® is the best I’ve ever found, and it’s something my clients really enjoy. I especially like the fact that my picture’s on both the front and back because it really makes the card MY card, rather than just something generic that anyone else could send out. I used to sit there and stamp and address the cards myself, but now with Sendsations’ EZMail system, they do the mail-outs for me and I just monitor it over the internet. It works great, and I know that my clients get contacted each month. I’ve been in real estate 30 years, and this is the best system ever!"

Tim Alexander, REALTOR
RE/MAX Associates, Salt Lake City, UT
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"I’ve been using Sendsations for my personal marketing since 1996. In this age of “web” marketing the direct mail Recipes for Success are seen by my clients as a special gift . Many of my clients are long term and include generations of the same family! These same contacts refer me to other friends and family. Using Sendsations’ EZMAIL Service, my marketing is on autopilot and I just let it work for me. It keeps my mailings consistent and keeps me at the forefront of my client’s minds each and every month."

Wilhemina M. Kanelos, REALTOR
Exit Premier Realty, Burlington, Massachusetts
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"I mail to my past clients and also the neighborhood I live in. I have found that marketing to those who trust you, and believe in your ability to help them, helps with repeat business and referrals of their friends and family. Repeat and referral business is the key to success!!"

Judy Smith, REALTOR
RE/MAX Professionals, Omaha, NE
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"For years we attempted doing our own mailings but it was always hit or miss. Some months they got out but more often they didn’t. At the repeated encouragement of our manager we decided to try a direct mailing system with Sendsations. We are now entering our fourth year of using Sendsations EZMail recipe cards. People love the cards! They use them and keep them. They are a great way to consistently bring our names and faces before our neighbors and past clients. The cards have been a great source for market appraisals, a number of which we have converted to listings. We are extremely pleased with the ease of management, the steady response from clients and the resulting income."

Lois & Paul Westel, REALTORS
Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, La Grange, IL
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"I am a huge fan!! Your postcard campaigns are very cost effective for my business. They are a fun way to stay in touch with clients and simple to use and they bring in numerous referrals every year. Thank you for being so great to work with!"

Gloria Howell, REALTOR
Gate City Real Estate, Pocatello, ID
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"I’ve been in Real Estate for over 22 years. I must say Sendsations is the best and most effective marketing tool out there. I used to send out post cards to my past clients every other month or so. Sometimes I would miss 3 or 4 months in a row because I was “busy”. Ever since I started with Sendsations the results have been amazing."

Carl Izbicki, REALTOR
RE/MAX Marquee Partners, Marina Del Rey, CA
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"Your card program is definitely a big hit with my friends, family and neighbors. I often have a neighbor stop me and thank me for the cards. I had several people call me and thank me for the Fall Back reminder. Best of all, I have 2 or 3 closed transactions each year that are a direct result of this card campaign. The last few deals I closed were friends of past clients and they told me that their friend gave them my recipe card so they could call me. It is such a small investment for such a huge return, and, your entire staff is so friendly."

Giancarlo Corsi, Real Estate Consultant
Realty World, Valencia, CA
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"Eleven years ago I started using Sendsations’ Recipes for Success postcards. The friendly, soft touch is the program’s greatest strength. People keep them, remember me, and call me! Sendsations has made growing my business easier. I started out a few years ago with 950 cards a month. Now Sendsations mails out over 6000 postcards for me to past clients, new people I meet, and REALTORs. Their EZMail Service puts my marketing on auto-pilot and it’s cheaper than I can do it myself. Most of the loan officers in my company are now using postcard programs from Sendsations. In fact, last year our office exceeded $170 million in loans with the help of Sendsations!"

Lawrence Montani, Principal Broker, Owner
First Hope Mortgage, Morganville, NJ
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"I just got a $340,000 listing referred to me by a client who’s been receiving my Did You Know postcards every month. Sendsations does all the mailings for me every month so there’s no break in my marketing momentum. And I’m free to do what I do best. I’m on my own mailing list so I know exactly when my clients receive the cards. That’s when I make my calls. My clients tell me they love getting the cards. In fact, one said her 18-month-old daughter carried the last card around all day and wouldn’t let it go. My Did You Know postcards are a powerful part of my 33-touch system. I’m making more money now ... and I’m creating relationships with the next generation of homeowners!"

Meg Zoller
The Zoller Group, Keller Williams Realty, Houston, TX
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"At one of my settlements my client said to me, “Are you going to still send me your recipe cards?” I said, “Of course.” He replied, “That’s good; I have every one you ever sent me. It’s a good thing, too, because how many years has it been since I told you I was going to sell my house?” It had been at least 7 or 8 years since he initially contacted me and he never moved until 2009! My recipe cards kept me in front of him and he remembered me when it was time to sell. He is just one of many calls I receive from people who love my recipes!"

Debby Singleton, REALTOR
RE/MAX Results Realty, Collegeville, PA
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"I started using Sendsations 3 years ago. It has taken away a lot of stress. My clients get something from me each month and I don’t have to do a thing! What I find interesting is that I get calls from people when they get the cards. They will ask me questions about refinancing, appraisals and even the new tax credit incentives available. They will say, “I was thinking about you and then I got your card!” I think it’s a wonderful program. The cards have practical ideas and information that everyone can use. I am SO glad I found out about Sendsations!"

Sandy Steppenbacker, Senior Real Estate Specialist
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"I’ve been in this business since 1991, and Sendsations postcards are one of the most effective advertising programs I’ve ever used. In just two years on my program, I’ve had several listings as a direct result, including one of the biggest listings of my life! The homeowner is a prominent businessman who rubs shoulders with lots of REALTORS®, but my consistent mailings gave me the edge. These cards with my photo on the front make people feel they already know me. And the EZMail Service gets my mailings out every month without me having to even think about it!"

Jim McCreary, ABR, CRS, e-Pro, QSC
Realty Executives, Fargo, ND
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"Being the OP in a Keller Williams office usually means there’s only a limited amount of time for listing and selling anymore. But I’ve just closed $1 million of business with someone I’ve kept in touch with monthly through my Comedy Connection postcards from Sendsations. I just added him to my mailing list, and Sendsations did all the mailings for me. This powerful, hands-free marketing system has definitely brought me more sales-and left time to effectively manage my office."

Steve Rall
Keller Williams Preferred Realty, Lakeville, MN
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"With the economic shift in our market, we are truly in a Professional REALTORS Market! Last year was a perfect example of calls coming directly because of the consistency of my Recipe Card Campaign. My calls and sales have increased from clients and targeted customers who have been receiving the postcards for years. More than ever have I realized how powerful this tool is. In a year where others were struggling, I can attribute an additional $63,000 in commissions to my Recipe Cards. That’s exciting!"

Gail Hartnett, 2006 National President Women’s Council of REALTORS, 2007 President Idaho Association of REALTORS
Keller Williams Realty, Boise, ID
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